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Watch out: Blogger uses web to uncover suspected corruption

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Our favourite story this week appeared in the Daily Telegraph.

We previously reported that, in Scotland, police have turned to facebook to uncover crooks living beyond their means. In the meantime, India’s has spawned a number of copycat websites.

But the time has come for the latest, and our favourite.

This week the Daily Telegraph reported that a Chinese blogger has been running through the picture archives of Chinese State officials on the web and clocking the watches they wear.

The result.

The blogger reports that Chinese officials earning c.£10k a year appear to be sporting collections of watches valued at tens of thousands of pounds, including gold rolexes, cartiers and the like.

The question?

How *do* they afford them?

We don’t like jumping to conclusions. In our view it’s always very important to consider what other possibilities there could be.  After all, in England, you’re innocent until proven guilty.

*May* be the watches are all copies?


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