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UK Attorney General: UK will not be a soft touch on fraud

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Last night Dominic Grieve QC, MP and the UK’s Attorney General was the honorary guest at a small private function we attended.

The topic of law and order came up along with the argument (an old chestnut) that the likelihood of prosecution for fraud (including corruption) is low because the offenders are unlikely to be caught.

Mr. Grieve praised the role of the Serious Fraud Office (acknowledging that it was focussed on the most serious crimes), the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau run by the City of London Police (the national lead force for fraud) and the National Fraud Authority.  However, he acknowledged more needed to be done and spoke of his intimate involvement in the creation of a new UK Economic Crime Agency which the Coalition Government announced shortly after the election.

His message was simple. The government is keen to scotch the perception that the UK is a soft touch for fraud.  An increasing focus from existing prosecution agencies and the creation of a new Economic Crime Agency are the tools the UK government intends to use.

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