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Ask Barry & Richard: Back on the menu.

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Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been flat out.

We’ve been dealing with the run up to the publication of the guidance and then looking at the guidance and dealing with numerous questions from clients.

It’s been hectic and we’ve been remiss.  Our weekly Ask Barry & Richard slot went out the window…

So, by popular demand we’re getting back on track, starting this week.  We’ve got plenty of questions to answer but we are always looking for more.  So please contact us with your questions.  We’ll answer in a weekly slot.

So, if you (or someone you know…) are looking for an answer for questions on the Bribery Act, the UK money laundering legislation or similar please contact us.

We will not be able to reply to every email but those questions we choose to include will be answered by us and published on in a weekly post.

Questions are answered on an anonymous basis (if you ask us confidentially) and publicly if you ask us in the comments threads on the website.

If you would like to read answers to previous questions please click on the category: Ask Barry & Richard for a list of previously answered questions.

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