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Win an iPod. Enter by answering our easy survey. Simples. What’s not to like?

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A recent survey reported that out of a sample of over 150 lawyers working for enterprises in the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Germany 75% reported that they are worried about the introduction of the UK Bribery Act and just under half of them needed more information about it.

Is this really true?

If it is where have the half that need more information been for the last 9 months?

We’ve decided to run our own survey to get to the bottom of this and to get the answers to a couple of other questions which have been bugging us.

All in all, five easy questions that will take about a minute to answer.

We’d like to have a large sample of answers to report on. So please spread it around and encourage people to answer the questions.

And, we’ll put all the names of those who answer the survey into a hat. The winner will get a nice shiny ipod shipped to them gratis (and guaranteed not a bribe too).

So what are you waiting for. Complete our survey and may be win an iPod.

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