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Holiday reading from across the pond

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Summer holidays are around the corner, and our minds are turning to our holiday reads.  With that thought we thought we’d share some of our favourite reads from across the pond.  We’ve also added them to our Links page so you can find them easy long after this post (like the summer holiday) is a distant memory.

So here goes:

  • FCPA blog the daddy of them all.  A great daily read from Dick Cassin with the latest and greatest on the FCPA.  Dick also publishes books too, so you can get a book wet by the pool if you really want to.
  • Tom Fox blog Tom, one half of  the weekly This Week in FCPA with Howard Sklar, but a very important half. Tom hails from the oil industry so knows his stuff…
  • Howard Sklar (Open Air blog) aaah.  Howard.  If you don’t listen to This Week in FCPA or read Howard’s blog – you really should. Just one man’s opinion…
  • FCPAProfessor Mike Koehler’s blog and he really is a real professor too.  But don’t let that put you off this is NOT unreadable impractical academia.  Great analysis and easy to read.
  • MIke Volkov – White collar defense and compliance blog NEW-ish ENTRY Mike’s a relatively new kid on the block.  But, he is a former federal prosecutor with 30 years in.  Need we say more…



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