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Like London buses…you wait for ages then three come along at once

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You wait for ages and then, like London buses, three (or lots more) turn up at once. A few weeks ago there was much criticism of the SFO for the lack of action in relation to bringing Bribery Act charges.

There still aren’t any but there is plenty of activity at the SFO.

1. Olympus

Within the last couple of weeks the headlines have been full of stories of the very messy dispute surrounding Olympus.

Last week the former CEO reportedly made an impromptu visit to the SFO to hand over a dossier of papers and spent a day explaining them.

2. Victor Dahdaleh

On Monday this week came the announcement that Victor Dahdaleh has been arrested and charged in connection with a long running investigation into alleged payments of bribes to officials of Aluminium Bahrain B.S.C. (“Alba”), a smelting company in Bahrain with majority state ownership.  These payments were allegedly in connection with contracts with a US company, Alcoa Inc, for supplies of alumina shipped to Bahrain from Australia.  Further payments were also made in connection with contracts to supply goods and services to Alba.

3. Innospec: the return…

On Tuesday the SFO publicised the Innospec sequel.

Dr David Turner a former Business Unit Director, Octane Additives, for Innospec Ltd appeared before Westminster Magistrates’ Court. He is charged with alleged offences of conspiring to make corrupt payments to public officials in Indonesia and Iraq to secure contracts for Innospec Ltd for the supply of its products. He is also charged with conspiring to defraud a competitor company by bribing Iraqi officials to provide unfavourable test results on its product.

The case has been sent to Southwark Crown Court where Dr Turner will appear on 2 November.

It looks like a busy autumn for the SFO.  We’re watching this space for the inevitable announcement of a Bribery Act investigation soon.

In other news the job ad for the new Director of the SFO was also published.  Any takers?


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James Vine (@JamesPSVine)
Oct 26, 2011 1:56

Let’s hope the Bus Lane that is the DPA will be installed soon.

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