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Miss the Rolling Stones? Hear our recorded webinar instead with Vivian Robinson QC & Julian Glass: The Bribery Act 2 years on. What was all the fuss about.

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The Rolling Stones waited 44 years to get back together in Hyde Park (we were there – at least the second time around…).  It took us two years.

Did you miss our webinar last Tuesday where the band Barry, Richard, Vivian and Julian got back together…?

Not to worry you have the chance to hear it all over again, just click on this link and turn up the volume.

In the webinar we answer the burning questions of the day.

Will the UK water down the Bribery Act?

We look at the government red tape initiative, facilitation payments, demands for the small company exemption, press reports and the government response.

What is the likelihood of UK enforcement

Section 2A Criminal Justice Act, pre-investigation investigations, investigations and the question on everyone’s lips – the timing of the first prosecution.

Will Deferred Prosecution Agreements make any difference?

We look at the timing, the Code published last week and the sentencing guidelines. Are Civil Recovery Orders still on the menu?

What are the emerging trends?

We discuss enforcement risk, SFO, FCA, City of London Police, Politics and commercial pressure.

Compliance benchmarking

Want to know what are other companies in the UK, US and elsewhere are doing?

To find out the answer to these questions and more and here us riff: Tune in…

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