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Our Christmas and New Year Quiz: The Answers

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Want to know the answers to our Christmas/New Year Quiz?  Well here they are.  Want to know who, or if you, won?  Results will be in our newsletter soon!

The correct answers to the quiz were:

In January 2010 the DOJ attended a conference in Las Vegas and arrested lots of people in an FCPA undercover sting operation. Whew, those FBI guys know how to party.

In February the DOJ and the SFO reached a landmark settlement agreement with BAe, for $400 million (US) and £30 million (UK).

In March, Innospec was prosecuted by the SFO and pleaded guilty. Lord Justice Thomas criticised the SFO and the defence for attempting to dictate to the court the sentence, emphasised that the UK does not allow plea agreements and threw into question the use of civil settlements in corruption cases.

In April the Bribery Act was passed under the wash up procedure.

In May UK Football Association chief Lord Triesman resigned after a kiss and tell story claimed he told his lover about his concerns about corruption and the World Cup. Ironically, with a backdrop of Sepp Blatter, FIFA President saying England was the easiest place to stage the world cup, when the UK failed to win the role of world cup host the UK press cried foul.

In June, a state prosecutor in Cardiff (it’s the wild west out there) was jailed for accepting a bribe.

In July the government announced that a consultation on Adequate Procedures under the Bribery Act would begin in September with the new law coming into force in April 2011 sparking complaints that the UK was delaying the new law to benefit the business lobby.

In August the idea for came on the beach.

Vivian Robinson QC, General Counsel of the SFO became a lawyer after seeing a well-known jockey giving expert evidence about whether a horse could have won a race, say to the Judge : “If that horse had started the day before, it wouldn’t have won.”

In October Julian Messent a former CEO was jailed for bribery after entering into a Plea Agreement and the judge gave a discount of several years for co-operating.

In November we attended the 24th National Conference on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) in Washington DC at the Gaylord National Centre. We were amazed at the amount of discussion surrounding mooncakes.

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