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David Green CB QC, New SFO Director: statement – SFO here to stay

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The FT reports in an article published this morning that David Green CB QC, new Director of the SFO who starts today, issued a brief statement yesterday:

“The SFO is here to stay. It is and will remain a key crime-fighting agency targeting top-end fraud, bribery and corruption”

“We will work co-operatively with others in the emerging counter-fraud landscape. We will press for all the tools necessary to maximise our impact. The SFO will be tough but approachable. There is much to be done.”

The statement reinforces an earlier statement issued by Mr Green through the Attorney General’s Office before Christmas on news of his appointment.  In that statement Mr Green emphasised the long term future of the agency saying:

“The SFO is here to stay…”

“The SFO harnesses all the specialist skills needed to tackle serious and complex fraud and bribery under one roof. Its cases have a high profile and a major public interest element. It is recognised as a major national and international agency and brand.

“Importantly, it will contribute to our economic recovery by working to ensure a level playing field in the markets and underpinning the maxim ‘my word is my bond’. Over the next few years, the SFO will play a crucial role in the developing anti fraud strategy”.

The anti-fraud/corruption world will be watching developments closely.  Watch that space…

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