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Join us at our Dawn Raid seminar on September 24 2012

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The trap is sprung.

Would your receptionist know what to do if investigators appeared at your  offices with a search warrant?

Who would he/she call?  The Directors?  They’ve already been arrested at home.

Join us at our Dawn Raid seminar on September 24 2012

Following the ill fated Vincent Tchenguiz raid the Serious Fraud Office conducted no raids for 12 months.

In contrast the Financial Services Authority increasingly uses dawn raids to gather evidence and HMRC and competition authorities use raids as part of their investigative tool kit.

It is likely that the SFO will ramp up raid activity under the direction of the new Director David Green CB QC.

Raids are a key tool for an investigator and what happens in the so-called ‘golden hour’ of a raid can shape an investigation.

Join us on September 24th in London when we will highlight key issues with experts from our corporate crime and internal investigations practice.

Our team are experts in Dawn Raids and have plenty of experience of guiding clients through the traumatic experience of one.

We will share key tips with you.

The chance of a dawn raid is statistically low.

So is the likelihood that your place of work will burn to the ground.  We still have fire drills.

Join us at our offices at 30 Crown Place LondonEC2A 4ES at 6pm on 24th September and attend our Dawn Raid presentation.

If you would like to attend please email:

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