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Moscow 16 February: The UK Bribery Act – what it means for Russian businesses in practice

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Are you in Moscow on 16 February?  Are you interested in what the UK Bribery Act means for Russian companies?

A practical session on what the Bribery Act means for Russian companies

On February 16th we shall be with Anatoly Petrykin, a partner of leading Russian law firm Vegas Lex, and friend of

Would you like to join us in Moscow for a very practical free session on successfully doing business with international investors and trading partners in a post Bribery Act and FCPA compliant world?

Full details of the program are at the end of this post in Russian & English or click here for the detailed programme in Russian and click here for the detailed programme in English.

If you would like to attend please contact

Practical tips and suggestions

As overseas businesses seek to expand into and invest in Russia there are excellent opportunities.

We’ll explain what the Bribery Act really means in practice for Russian businesses.

We’ll look at the implications for Russian businesses wishing to deal with international companies and the impact of the Bribery Act for those businesses which already have connections with the UK.

We’ll offer tips to reduce risk.

We’ll also look at current trends in anti-bribery compliance and enforcement (including the US FCPA) and the main elements of efficient corporate compliance system.

At the end of the session you will understand how to deal with requests for anti-bribery protections from overseas businesses.

Benchmark against what UK companies are doing in reality

There has been lots of coverage of what companies should do.  We’ll tell you what UK and US companies are really doing to comply with the UK Bribery Act and US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

What to expect from UK and US companies

We’ll also show you some typical contract clauses foreign partners may request from Russian businesses.  We’ll suggest possible negotiation tactics and compromises and give you some tips on dealing with the requests.

We’ll also take a look at the likely due diligence foreign partners will undertake on local Russian businesses and discuss practical ways of offering comfort to potential international partners.

Russian agenda Moscow 16 February English agenda Moscow 16 February

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