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The world is your oyster but are your procedures to prevent bribery ‘Adequate’? – find out what your peers do.

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One of our central themes this year is helping businesses expand into emerging markets and trade ethically internationally.

It is a critical component as more and more businesses expand into emerging markets.

It is also a theme the present Director of the SFO identified as a key theme at a recent Transparency International Presentation about training.  He said:

“The next trend is also one that is happening but where I think there is much more to come. This involves the role of business in fighting corruption. Businesses can be in the front line here when they seek to do business in other countries. Their employees are asked for bribes, whether large ones to secure contracts or small ones to get Government services.

I see businesses playing an ever increasing role in recognising that they have to do something themselves about the demands for corruption. I have seen a number of initiatives by business people in this area. They come to talk to me about this and about what they are doing. I am always very interested in what they tell me.”

Two companies ahead of the game in this area are the very successful UK businesses IMI PLC and the Mabey Group.  They are both shining examples of UK corporates trading globally creating jobs and wealth for UK PLC.

This year we shall be running a series of free events aimed at helping businesses expanding overseas and concerned about the implications of the impact of anti-bribery and corruption laws set against a backdrop of challenging market conditions.  We’ll be looking at it from both ends of the telescope.

We are lucky that Jo Morgan Chief Compliance Officer of IMI PLC and Peter LLoyd CEO of the Mabey Group have agreed to participate in two of them.  We’re also talking to businesses in challenging jurisdictions and explaining what international companies are likely to ask them for and why when doing deals.

No ordinary bribery act seminars


We kick these off in just under two weeks with a session in our Birmingham office with Jo Morgan of IMI PLC. This will take place between 2.30pm to 5pm on February 2nd.

Jo will provide a real case study, relating to a US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act investigation, with the chance to hear from one of the team who had to deal with it from within the company. In this highly practical session with Jo Morgan you will hear about:

–          The way the case came about, what it was like to deal with it and why it still has ramifications nearly 5 years on

–          What measures the company put in place in response

–          What other practical measures they are putting in place in response to the Bribery Act

–          What you might do differently when you get back to your office

If you are in or around the Birmingham area this is a must attend event. More details are here.


We follow this on March 14th in our London office with Peter Lloyd of Mabey Bridge at 7pm.

Peter too will share his experiences having guided group company Mabey & Johnson through a self referral to the SFO, and subsequently working with the SFO which ultimately resulted in the appointment of a monitor and changes made within the company.

Since the self referral the Mabey group has introduced new management, state-of-the-art anti-bribery and corruption procedures and appointed an independent monitor. Today the Mabey Group lead the field when it comes to anti-bribery and corruption.  A point acknowledged by the SFO.  Richard Alderman recently said:

“…in many ways the Mabey group is now leading the way in implementing controls and procedures to ensure that it is able to trade ethically in high-risk jurisdictions.”

IMI and Mabey are leading the field in fighting corruption and offering other corporates the opportunity to learn from their experiences for nothing.  These are no ordinary bribery act seminars.

If you would like to join us and Jo or Peter please email indicating which session you wish to attend.

The sessions are free.

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