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Opinion: Tone from the top – new SFO Director lays out uncompromising stance to serious fraud & corruption

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“White-collar crooks are crooks. Crooks are crooks – no matter what colour their collar is,”

“The perception has emerged over the last few years that perhaps there’s more willingness to compromise than to prosecute, I would like to look to rebalance the relationship between prosecution and civil settlement. We are primarily a crime-fighting agency, and we’ve got to remember that.”

These quotes are from articles in the Financial Times today reporting an interview with the new SFO Director.

They should send shivers down the spine of unethical corporates and managers turning a blind eye to fraud or corruption.

David Green the new Director of the SFO is setting the tone for the SFO during his tenure over the next four years.

The tone is uncompromising.

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