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Book Review: Lessons Learned on Compliance and Ethics — The Best from the FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog — Thomas Fox

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“My earliest memory of Tom Fox is from a legal conference about ten years ago where we both were delivering speeches. Following a lengthy and detailed presentation by a lawyer from a prestigious law firm, Tom leaned forward to his microphone and said, “Well, from the perspective of an in-house counsel, here is what you really need to know…” In a matter of seconds, he then proceeded to explain several of the complex concepts covered by the previous speaker in simple, concise and understandable language…” opens the Preface to Tom Fox book, Lessons learned from on Compliance and Ethics – The Best from the FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog.

For those unfamiliar with Tom Fox blog – shame on you.

Tom is a prolific writer and offers his compliance tips daily through his website and weekly on the excellent podcast This week in FCPA with the excellent Howard Sklar.

However, you have a chance to redeem yourself.

In this book Tom has pulled together his thoughts on what it takes to put together and run a great compliance program.

He should know.

Tom’s background in the Oil industry with stints at Halliburton and other oil companies enable him to speak with a Texan voice of authority.

One Chapter looks at best practice. However, most will be drawn to the Chapter entitled the nuts and bolts of compliance which looks at practical steps from hotlines through to the supply chain, foreign partners and more.

Always practical and entertaining – readers of this book looking for practical guidance and experience could do little better than to draw on Tom’s well of experience.

The price per barrel book on Amazon today £6.51 for kindle download.

Put another way: around 3p (5 cents) per page.

Good ole value from Teeeexas.

The only thing better value? Tom’s blog- which is absolutely free!  And, as they say in Texas, if I tell you a hen dips snuff, you can look under her wing.



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