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The Bribery Act & Alex Masterley of Megabank PLC

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We’d like to say thank you to Alex.

Avid readers may have spotted that from time to time we try to save Alex, our favourite investment banker at Megabank in the City, from himself.

However, as Alex’s moral compass points firmly at Alex this is harder than it sounds.

So far Alex has put down a lavish wine tasting down to “prof ed” (a flawed strategy which didn’t work for Mr Dougall who went to prison) and booked his summer entertainment for next years “season” early to avoid the impact of the Bribery Act (another flawed strategy); though we don’t think that the new law spells the end of coporate hospitality tents anyway provided its reasonable and proportionate.

While our advice may have been ignored we’re pleased to say that it has not gone unnoticed and Alex has kindly provided a picture of himself for our posts.

We do hope Alex becomes a regular reader of the site and follows some of our tips so that he will not need to swap his tailored pinstripe suit for another stripey suit when the Bribery Act comes into force in April 2010.

If you’d like to follow Alex, then you can find him at the Daily Telegraph.  Alex also has his own website and you can even contact him via linkedin or friend him on facebook. If you do, watch out for lavish entertainment.

In spite of all this Alex’s nearest and dearest say that the author(s) of the Wikipedia entry about him appear to know more about Alex than they do…

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