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BREAKING: First Bribery Act charges brought in record time

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The Press Association is reporting that a court official in London is the first person charged under Section 2 of the Bribery Act following an expose by the Sun Newspaper.

The case is of interest because it is a domestic bribery case and the charges have been brought, not by the SFO, but by the UK Crown Prosecution Service.

Gaon Hart, reviewing lawyer for the CPS special crime and counter terrorism Division, said: ‘I have reviewed all of the evidence gathered by the police and considered the Director of Public Prosecution’s guidelines on the Bribery Act.’

Hart reportedly went on to say: ‘I am satisfied there is sufficient evidence to charge Munir Patel with requesting and receiving a bribe on 1 August 2011 intending to improperly perform his functions…Patel has already been charged with misconduct in public Lenovo IdeaPad V560 AC Adapter office and perverting the course of justice. He still faces these charges, which relate to other alleged misconduct during his employment.’

More detail here in this CPS blogpost.

Mr. Patel was reportedly remanded in custody.

While the SFO is the lead prosecution agency for the Bribery Act its focus is on Serious Fraud and in particular international bribery.

We anticipate that the CPS will focus on domestic cases of bribery.

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