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Your questions, answered – by Peter Lloyd CEO, Mabey Group

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Do you want to know the practical answers on how to do business in emerging markets without paying bribes?

We are launching a new column incorporating our Ask Barry & Richard column answering these questions.

We are proud to announce that Peter Lloyd CEO of the Mabey Group will be writing a regular column where he answers your questions.

Now, while you can also continue to “Ask Barry & Richard” legal questions you can also ask an experienced CEO of a business operating in challenging markets how to do business ethically in them.

We will publish Peter’s first Q&A tomorrow.

Today the Mabey Group are acknowledged leaders in ethical business dealing in some of the most challenging jurisdictions in the world.

Peter and the Mabey Group which sells products globally are together uniquely placed to answer questions on how to trade ethically in challenging jurisdictions.

If you are concerned about to operate in emerging markets without paying bribes and would like to ask Peter a question please contact

We will pass them on to Peter who will do his best to answer your questions.

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